for the men

Brothers, you have the mighty oak 
in your spine 
and the morning sun
in your chest.
Sing to me 
with a lion underneath your tongue;
give me your soft purr
and your thundering roar.
You go down like a smooth whiskey 
warming my body
with a deep
slow burn.
I’ll put my pot on your stove
and let you bring me down
to a slow simmer
so I know just how you like it
to taste.
Bring your serpentine power
and your gentle touch
your sharp edges
and soft curves. 
I want to wade into the depths of your waters;
let loose your tidal waves 
and let me learn 
to sink or swim.
Do not try 
to tame
tone down
or restrain.
Bring it all to me
and let me lay my heart down
in reverence
at your feet.

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