About Me

my spirit lives in a house made of earth and sky
there are butterflies in my eyelashes
stars in my eyes
rose petals line my lips
I dress my body with moonlight
my spine is stacked with the bones of my ancestors
a warm breeze carries prayers from my mouth to the divine
a thousand petaled lotus blooms eternally in my chest
my tears are a soft summer rain
when I speak, honey drips from my tongue and my voice sounds like thunder
there is fire in my belly
my hips and breasts hold the peaks of ancient mountains
the ocean ebbs and flows in my veins
my feet are roots that dig deep into fertile ground
I hold the universe in my womb
a volcano sits between my legs that erupts with milk, and nectar, and blood, and fire
I give birth to myself,
again and again,
until one day
I am swallowed
by the earthly body
that I came from