summer solstice

Summer. You sweaty, sexy beast.
You are a long, slow exhale
with crimson sunsets on your breath.
Tell me stories by the campfire
under sparkling night skies
while I lick blackberry jam from my fingers
and the fireflies hold council in the meadow.
Your expansive landscape
lets me stretch my quivering tendrils wide
intoxicating my senses
until I touch the outer edges
of your scintillating wildness.
Seduce me with your late afternoon thunderstorms
that roll through my body
stir my soul
and draw lightning from my fingertips.
Play me a symphony
of your raw and scorching aliveness
that sings hymns in the sunlight
and lullabies under the moon.
Let me relish in the abundance spilling over
from the pelvic bowl of the Earth Mother
while morning dew beads upon her breasts
and the sweetest nectar pours from her womb.
Baptize me in ocean waves
and warm, soft rain
in the sweat on my skin
and the thick, moist air.
Make my soft animal body supple
with your penetrating heat
like a plump red strawberry
hanging low and heavy
ready to be plucked
and savored
with my juices
dripping down your chin.

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