the wild will call you back

The Wild will call you back. 
Through half-remembered dreams 
and sunsets painted 
in burnt sienna 
and vermillion flames
she will call you back home.
The coyotes will wake you 
from your sleep
with their clarion call
to keep your eyes
wide open.

How long have you been sleeping?
How much have you forgotten?

The Wild will call you back.
She will hang you upside down 
and shake the nonsense 
from the pockets 
of your mind.
She will strip your soul naked
leaving you raw and exposed
under the searing glare 
of the gods.
Offer up the holiness
of your confusion 
and questions.
Dress yourself
in fireflies 
and attune your senses
to awe
while you learn the slow seduction
of courting your muse.

Brush the stardust from your wings
and wipe the ocean from your eyes.
Flex your claws
dig your roots deep down
into the fertile earth
and show your fangs.
Gather pollen on your legs
and speak 
in venom
and honey.
Peel back your colonized tongue
and let it hiss
and purr
and growl
and scream.

Do you remember 
how to stalk
as predator 
and how to surrender
as prey?

The Wild will call you back.
The owls know your real name
and will call you
from the darkness of night
to dance under the moon.
Crack your heart open
with your ancestors’ bones
and dance in the ecstasy 
of your love 
and your grief
with flailing limbs
bloody knees 
and mud-stained feet.
Braid mugwort into your hair 
and dream yourself 

The Wild will call you back.
She will teach you how to die
again and again
and how to die well.
There is no difference 
between your funeral pyre
and your birth canal.
Do not bother 
to try and stop
the bleeding.
Love with the gentleness
and ferocity
of your whole
tender being.
Feed the spirits
with your beauty 
and sweetness
and ask them to show you
the way home.

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