inner child

I came across this picture of myself recently, and it has been making me so happy to look at it. An old soul in a new body, eyebrows furrowed in sharp focus, likely deep in an adventure of my own imagination, bare feet on the earth, and who needs pants in the sandbox? I was wide-eyed and curious, open-hearted yet shy, joyful, playful, inquisitive, and very sensitive. Although my world was already being shaped, this was long before life had its way with me, and a million mouths told me who I was supposed to be, what it meant to be a woman, what is right and wrong, what emotions to express or tuck away. There have been many paper cuts, and few deep gashes along the way.

Now, many years later and many miles travelled, all I want to do is forgive every version of myself between she and I so I can get back to her and love her. Her tender, loving heart still beats in my chest, her fire still flickers in my eyes. I want to offer her the wisdom I have collected that will keep her safe, and ask her for the wisdom that she has not yet forgotten. I want to let her show me how to let joy and curiosity lead the way, and see the world through optimistic eyes. She reminds me to laugh or cry whenever I want or need to. She reminds me to stay close to the earth, and that I don’t need an intermediary to talk to Spirit. I know life is short; she knows I am limitless.

You’re doing good, kid. Keep going.

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