fire and water

My darling woman
you do not need to choose 
and you do not need permission.
You are both fire and water
with feet planted in the earth
and ancestors at your back.
You can be kind and gentle 
and still have your sharp tongue.
You can be both soft and strong
with your heart open wide 
and backbone tall.
Turn your face up towards the warmth 
of your own light
and sink down 
into your fertile darkness.
There may be flowers in your hair
but there is a holy fire between your hips.
You can be a woman 
who likes to make love 
and whisper softly 
and a woman 
who likes to fuck 
and scream loudly.
Put your pot on the stove and let 
your love
your rage 
your sweetness
your bitter sting
your softness 
your rough edges
your resistance 
your surrender
all simmer down
bubble up 
and boil over
into one big 
and beautiful mess 
and watch the magnetic pull
of moth 
to your wild flame.

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