magic woman

Sisters, you have diamonds
between your teeth
and spices underneath your tongue.
You make love to the air you breathe
when you exhale your truth
through red lips
smeared with honey.
Your blood runs in shades
of purple velvet and saffron sunsets.
You are both a thunderstorm
and clear blue skies
an unpredictable force
with the promise of redemption.
Do not be so quick to reveal the passcodes
to the ecstasy written between your thighs
lest you forget
the way you leave them thirsty
to drink from your river.
You were not made to be diluted.
You are a cosmic martini
made of deep oceans and fertile earth
desert winds and molten lava
with stars in your eyes
and the moon in your womb
ebbing and flowing the tides of your love
pulling us softly to your vast shores.

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