just for today

What if just for today, you gave yourself permission to be right where you are?

To be with the pain, the joy, the tenderness, the rage, the ecstasy, the anger, the rawness, the beautiful messiness of it all.  Permission to just be.

What if you decided that today, just for today, you are going to love yourself unconditionally?  That you are enough.  That you are exactly where you need to be.  That you are already beautiful, and whole, and strong.

What would that look like?  How does it start?

It starts when you make the conscious choice to claim this love and let it wash down over you.

When you forgive yourself for all the ways you have been less than kind to your body, your mind, your spirit, and for taking so long to find your way home to yourself.

When you allow yourself to be with tender and uncomfortable vulnerability.⠀

When you show up for and support yourself in the same way you would a lover, a friend, your family.

When you trust the loving voice of your own intuition.

When you reclaim your body as the sacred home to your spirit.

When you align yourself with your heart’s inner compass.

When you take responsibility for your own happiness and wellbeing.

When you stop apologizing for what you want and need.

When you open to the love and wisdom of your ancestors that lies deep in your bones.

When you reclaim sovereignty over your spirituality, your sexuality, the path you walk in this wild journey of life.

When you truly understand that putting yourself first is not selfish.

This love is your birthright.  I will keep saying it until you believe me.  I will keep saying it until I believe me.  You are free to love fiercely and fully with your whole being.

Give yourself permission to feel it all, to be it all, to claim your rightful place in the world.  Trust me… the world needs you.  It needs you to show up, fully, exactly as you are.  Be a sun-catcher, letting your light cast rainbows all over this crazy world and love every bit of yourself for it.

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