full moon in capricorn – june 2018

This strawberry full moon in Capricorn, in all it’s luscious abundance, may be stirring up some rather uncomfortable and intense emotions… the kind we want to push down, look away, or run from.  But don’t run – stay, look at it, bathe in it, sink your teeth into it.  Feel all of it fully and let the waves of emotions baptize you.  Be willing to let the moonlight illuminate all the places you need to take a good hard look at and bring clear vision to.  Tap into the guidance of the wise elders that sit in your bones and let them lead the way… the only way out is through.  Stay strong and determined… remain rooted, grounded, centered in the eye of the storm.  You have everything you need to face anything that gets thrown your way.  At any moment we can take responsibility for our current situation and step up, surrender, learn, grow, and shift course.

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