honoring the mother

Taking a moment to honor the mother that resides in me, and in all of us.  As it becomes more and more likely that I will not give birth to another human, I find myself at times feeling grief over the loss of that possibility, and other times feeling deep peace around it.  It is important to remember that creation and birth comes in many forms – the work we do in the world, our art, manifesting our intentions, pouring ourselves into whatever we take on.  Mothering comes in many forms too – we can love, nurture, tend to the people and things around us (and within us).  We are armed with the wisdom of our mother’s mother’s mother’s mother’s….. holding these ancestors and all that they are deep in our bones.  May we all move forward in healing the mother wound, tapping into our innate wise mother and divine feminine.  Let us create, nurture, love, and give birth to whatever it is we are carrying in our hearts.

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