the year

The year of stepping into the middle. The year of honey. Flowers. Bare skin under the sun. The year of learning when to let go + when to hold on. The year the whole world was reminded that there is no normal to return to. The year of saying what I want out loud. The year of less apology. Grieving + loving. Forgiveness. The year of learning to say no when everyone wants me to say yes. The year of feeling my humanity + my divinity. The year I was humbled by the dirt + heat + how little I know about anything. By all the ways we bring out the best + worst in each other. The year of crone wisdom. The year of being all the way in my body. The year everyone I saw said ‘you seem different somehow’. Lighter. The year I learned to love my alone. The year of understanding how much I need people. The year of savoring the here and now. The year of more ease, more grace, more love.

– inspired by Warsan Shire

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