THANK YOU! Over 200 copies of my new book The Wild Will Call You Back have sold so far, and I want to take a moment to celebrate. I often feel guilty taking up space with my joy (there’s lots to unpack around this for another time), but I am so proud of myself for getting this done. I’m a bit exhausted and emotionally overwhelmed, and it’s been a crash course in lessons ranging from resilience and rest to boundaries and receiving. I’ll be swimming in all sorts of feels for a while.

I noticed the other day that I thought to myself ‘well, I guess now I can finally call myself a writer’—and that’s complete and utter nonsense. We’ve been so deeply conditioned to associate our identities with what we get paid to do, as if we can’t claim the ten million beautiful facets of ourselves before someone else signs off on it. Do you write? You are a writer. Do you paint? You are a painter. Do you spread joy to those around you with the technicolor glitter bombs of your love and kindness? Well, call that whatever you want to, because there’s no neat and tidy title that will ever do justice to the multitudes inside of you.

There are many ways that mixing art and passion and commerce feels pretty gross, and we are embedded in some deeply sick systems, but you know what? It feels damn good to be getting paid for my own creation. I have been selling my mind, body and energy to a 9-5 for most of my life (and still am), and no one ever really has anything to say about it until you have the audacity to ask for money on your own terms. I’m finally learning to trust the timing of my life, and to see new possibilities in how I want to live it and express myself through it.

I deeply appreciate the messages, feedback, photos, and love notes I’ve been getting – thank you. If you have the book and are enjoying it, leaving a review goes a long way for a new publication and is deeply appreciated. Thank you for being on this journey with me, witnessing me, and reflecting so much love and beauty back to me.

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  1. Nigel Richards says:

    Dear Gina
    I’ve not yet read your book – two copies on order and a third to follow: Christmas presents and one for me. Your writing just reaches me.
    A similar thought – one diamond many facets.
    I was lucky – had my own businesses for 40 years so was not in thrall as you were. After selling the first one, having left school at 16, managed to get in to Trinity College Dublin to do a four year Masters in Musicology. Adored the Uni, the City, the people and the course.
    Recently stayed with an old Friend, former Prof of Music, and he said you’re a musician. I said no, just did a Musicology degree. No, he said, you have the ear.
    It has changed my perception of myself.
    Your humanity will bring a lot of comfort and important reflection/thinking to many – I hope many, many. Please continue to share.
    My thanks and best wishes

    Nigel Richards
    +44 (0)7508 161353


  2. Ordered today.

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