wish list

I want to make you feel something.  

I want good questions to always outweigh the answers that try to meet them, just enough so that we stay curious.

I want to be guided by elders and children at the threshold of all that is both ancient and brand new.

I want ceremonies and rituals marked with fire for transitions and beginnings and endings. 

I want a man to know the deepest corners of my heart as well as he knows the scent of the nape in my neck.

I want to witness you in your messy and beautiful humanness.

I want it to mean something when we say ‘I love you’ and when we ask ‘how are you?’.

I want to let you see my inner storms that I don’t like to show to anyone, and still find you standing there when the dust settles.

I want to sing you a lullaby so sweet that you can hardly bear it, and then listen while you tell me your dreams over a morning cup of tea.

I want my heart to break daily so I can piece it back together with the finest gold.  

I want to cook you food that I grew with my hands and watch you lick your lips in nourishment and delight and the satiety of good company.

I want to penetrate you with my truth, delivered with a gentle and loving ferocity, and I don’t want to caretake the discomfort that it makes you feel.

want need to believe we can remember our own humanity and see ourselves in each other.

I want us to slow down.

I want to bloodlet the colonial narratives from our veins until we are forced to write new stories and remember the old ones.

I want us to see our relatives in trees and creeks and dirt and stars and in the many different human bodies.

I want you to feel safe.

I want our unlearning to be in equal measure to our new growth.  

I want to trade hashtags and status updates for community care and deep listening.

I want us to remember who our Mother is and feed her with beauty and sweetness and the libation of our tears.

I want you to know that resting and grieving are a worthy use of your time.

I want us to find sanctuary in each other.

I want to live in a world where love and gratitude and compassion are the currency that we value, a world beyond our wildest imaginations, and I want us to get busy dreaming.

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