feel it all

Can you sit with this ocean of grief?
Can you feel the gravity of what is happening
without rushing towards silver linings
or happy endings?
Let the wound bleed a little longer
without running to cauterize it
with certainty or guarantees.
Let the lacerations cut a little deeper
carving lessons of the great mystery
into your flesh
and lean in close
to the pain.
Can you soothe without numbing?
Feel the deep and raw somatic sensations
that swell and ooze
through each subtle body layer.
Paint new landscapes with your frayed nerves
as your tongue searches for words
in a language that you have never had to speak before.
Feel the searing truth that nothing is certain
not today
or tomorrow
not the very next breath.
It never was
but in this moment
we cannot ignore that.
Death sits close right now
we have a front row seat
to the cycles
of living and dying.
Feel the shakiness of your trust
the gnawing fear
the sting of loss
the burning anger
the confusion leaving you grasping
for why
and how
and when will this end?
Dissolve into the stillpoint
beyond thinking and doing
and feel the exquisite ache
of the heartbreaking
heart-opening act
of surrender.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Susanna Raeven says:

    I love you so much it hurts.



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