The space
in between
the inhale and exhale
the light and darkness
between planes
of flesh
and spirit.
Gather the abundance
laid down
under the high summer sun
and turn your nectar
into honey wine.
Chop wood
carry water
and shift your gaze
towards the waning golden hour.
Listen as the feathered ones
sing their migration songs
and teach us how to leave
and watch as the four-legged ones
gather their bounty
and teach us how to stay.
The trees are dressed
in their finest
with leaves stained in shades
of fire and ochre
and soon they will show us
the exquisite beauty
of letting go.
Feel the crisp air
breathing on your neck
pulling you inward
and trade sun chasing
for root tending,
for stillness.
Warm your belly with whiskey tales
and mark your fingers with pomegranate.
Put the moon in your eyes
while you scroll constellations across your thigh
and scent your hair
with pine smoke.
Attune your senses
to the sweet lullaby
the bittersweet taste
the rich and fertile scent
of cycles
of seasons
of surrender.

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