Waking from the strange dreams of winter slumber
and sliding into the psychedelic textures 
of this glorious balance 
between night and day
light and dark.
Rub your sleepy eyes awake 
open them wide
to the exalted enchantment of this 
fragile, wild, messy, exquisitely beautiful 
waking world.
Sink into the remembrance 
born from death.
Let your bare feet touch the thawing Earth
get some dirt under your nails 
and let the sun kiss your cheeks.
Flirt with the subtle layers 
and the expansive wildness. 
Let the song of a bird
the warmth of the air
the budding of trees
the rumble of thunder 
all bring you 
right down to your knees 
in devotion.
Let your heart blossom and bloom 
unfurling from your chest
pouring in every direction
out into the cosmic, playful, lustful dance of life.
Offer up your lovemaking as a prayer  
while the
buzzing of bees 
will soon have sticky sweet honey 
dripping down the thighs of the Earth mother
ripe with the scent of flowers 
and of sex and creation.
We are all alive, together, now.
What beauty are you ready to birth?

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