This last trip around the sun has been one of reclamation and journeying deeper into self.  One of the most potent lessons was leaning into the embodiment of resilience.  I am under no illusion that I am ‘healed’, that there are not still wounds to tend, lessons to be learned, risks to be taken, blindspots to discover, growth to expand into… that my heart will not break a thousand times.  The difference now is that I know whatever comes – I can handle it. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

I am feeling a pull towards going deeper into the shadows to illuminate the spaces that have been in the darkness for far too long… I intend to stick my fingers deep into the muck and see what I find.  There has been some tremendous expansion, to be sure, but I’m feeling as though I’m getting a bit too comfy and smug about the skins have been shed, and there are many more to go.  There isn’t really time to fuck around anymore… it’s time to stick my neck out a little further, take some scary leaps, stand taller, speak louder, stop avoiding what needs to be done… to risk falling flat on my face, getting rejected, bumping up against conflict and resistance.  Time to get ‘out there’ and do the work.

I am feeling a greater capacity to hold space for myself, and feeling called to deepen into holding space for others.  I am not yet sure what that will look like or where this winding path will lead, but I intend to continue to follow the scent and immerse myself in the journey, without worrying about what the destination will be.

As I step into this next cycle…

may I remain strong yet soft,

may I always stay committed to my sacred obligation,

may I stay firmly rooted in the Earth while I reach towards the Sky,

may I always have dirt under my nails and under my bare feet,

may I allow my heart to break open again again,

may I forever remain

in awe,

in service,

in gratitude,

in reverence

to the Great Mystery

for as long as I walk this big beautiful Earth

in blood and bone.

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