eclipses and retrogrades and buck moon, oh my!

I’ve spent most of this week squirming in the holy hot seat, feeling like a woman on fire at the feet of the goddess of rage.  Not much to do but unclench my fists, let it all burn and





There’s something about walking through this kind of fire that burns down the dams blocking our deeper rivers of truth, allowing them to flow more freely through every channel of our being.  Eventually we are left with no place to hide from ourselves, no turning our back on our authentic and wild nature any longer.  I am finding this process to be both exquisite and terrifying, as I sit back and watch what (and who) will stay or fall away, who I will be without the crutch of all of my wounds and bullshit storylines, and seeing what needs to die and what needs to birth and bloom.

This is heart work, it is soul work, and it is not easy.  But it is necessary to free yourself from the chokehold of living as the stranger you believe you ‘should’ be to make everyone else feel comfortable.

As we move through Leo season, go ahead and embody some of that courageous lion energy, show your teeth and let out a mighty roar.  This kind of bravery requires meeting yourself where you are, seeing your own radiance, and not fleeing.  Stay steady with it, lean in, eyes forward, back tall, heart open – you’ve got this, loves.

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