new moon in cancer – july 2018

So much swirling around in the cosmos and in my being these days… last night’s watery New Moon in Cancer coupled with yesterday’s solar eclipse may have had you swimming in a sea of emotions, but also provides an opportunity to release, let die what needs to die, and see what is ready to be born.  We need to let go of the old and stagnant to make space for the new and vibrant… this helps us to welcome in abundance, healing, and wholeness.⠀⠀

I had 2 separate deer encounters on my way home last night… one enjoying a lush patch of greens and the the other leading her young carefully across the road.  Deer medicine has much to do with gentleness, grace, and intuition – some of the qualities that come from living from the heart, and qualities I keep being reminded to come back to when I start to feel like I’m drowning or lost, when wounds get poked, when I’m hanging on by a thread.  We are surrounded by guidance, love and support if we open ourselves up to it.

The same messages will keep coming until you listen.  The same wounds will keep aching until you tend to them.  Your being will long for wholeness until you piece together your fragmented self.  Honor the roads you’ve travelled to get to this moment, welcome the roads yet to travel with gratitude, and a good dose of compassion, grace and gentleness… especially towards yourself.

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