We are conditioned to live in fear
and at the same time
to live in a blissful state
of normalcy and ignorance.
Everything is falling apart.
Everything is fine.
We should worry, hunker down, be prepared, gather bounty.
This is fearmongering, stop worrying, go about your life.

Hand sanitizer disappearing from shelves 
so someone can sell it back to you
for triple the price
since we can’t even wash our hands for each other 
since we can’t afford to take a sick day
since we can’t remember how to care for ourselves
or one another.
An amulet of comfort 
wrapped in plastic
so we can feel 99.99% safer
in our delicate bodies.

Gloves on our hands
and masks on our face
that say ‘I’m scared to touch you’
‘I’m scared to breathe with you’
‘I’m scared of slowing down’
‘I’m scared of death’
but wasn’t that already
the status quo?

Perhaps we work too hard
we don’t rest enough
our wellness becomes a privilege 
for a few
and not a priority
for us all.
We are quick to blame
point fingers
fear those who are other.

How interesting 
that we mirror our Mother
with fevered bodies
gasping for breath
our lungs strained.
We ask, why is this happening? 
As if we are the only species 
that can’t breathe
while the whole world 
is on fire.

The experts have weighed in;
Wash your hands.
Eat well.
Get fresh air.
Move your body. 
Stay in bed when you are sick.

And also…

Ask your Ancestors 
how to tend to your body
how to care for elders and children
which plants to steep and which to burn.
Say a prayer to the water
that washes germs and fear 
from your hands and heart.
What is your neighbor’s name?
Eat meals together made with food that is alive.
Move with care and intention.
Talk to trees and plants
and listen closely 
when they share with you
their medicine.
Pay attention to your dreams.

We are capable of loving more.
We are all already dying.
How can we live better? ⠀

One Comment Add yours

  1. Ruth Martin says:

    Your words touch my very soul. Thank you for expressing ALL of it. So glad I found your pages.


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