the myth of ‘not enough’⠀⠀⠀

As I am slowly unpacking and untangling a lifetime of stories I have been carrying about myself, l am noticing that there is a reoccurring theme beneath the surface of many seemingly unrelated storylines: a belief that I am not enough.  I know I am not alone in this feeling – that we, just as we are, how we are, when we are, always falls below the bar.  It is a feeling that is deeply ingrained and can be easily triggered.

Regardless of the source of this belief, it is constantly reinforced through social media, relationships, societal norms, and the work we do.  It leaves us clawing for outside reinforcements to feel a sense of self-worth.  The problem is, depending on others for validation is a big ask (it’s not their job), and will never make you whole.  And if you are constantly waiting for someone else to fill your cup, then darling you are always going to be thirsty.

These storylines get woven into the fabric of our being – some of these wounds sparked from a single moment, some fester over a period of time, and others have been passed along for generations.  But see, the beauty of it is… the entry point of these wounds are where the light comes in.  When they present themselves, it is an opportunity to heal, to grow, to release, to write new stories.  After being cracked open and healed, we are left even stronger, more whole, more beautiful than before.  It is a difficult and humbling process, but one with the promise of the most fruitful rewards.⠀⠀⠀

You are vastly enough, and worthy.  You, your timing, your journey, are all perfect.  Embrace the beauty of your messiness.  Acknowledge your unique gifts.  Prioritize self-care and practice saying no when you need to.  Take risks and embrace failure. Know that you are beautiful, even if no one tells you so.  Try and shift your feelings of lack into gratitude, and give yourself a little extra love today – especially the places that hurt the most.  Let light spill into all of the cracked spaces – let it fill you up, and then watch how you illuminate the world around you.

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